Healthcare Alliance continuously strives to find ways to help cut your healthcare costs, such as our pharmacy discount card.

To date, over 7.5 million
Americans saved over
$750,000,000 with this program.

With Healthcare Alliance, you will save on over 50,000 medications at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide. There is never a fee for the card, nor an application or review process – you just ask for it and it’s yours. It’s that simple. Sort of like cutting out coupons from your Sunday paper – only easier. There’s nothing to buy first!

Healthcare Alliance card at a Glance:

  • Pre-Activated and ready to use immediately.
  • It’s FREE, with no catch, and no U.S. resident is denied.
  • Easy to use and save on almost all prescriptions at most pharmacies.
  • Discounts vary by medication, on average nearly 50%.
  • No claim forms, no deductibles, no limits or exclusions.
  • It’s not insurance, nor connected with an insurance company.
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